Fire Safety Audit      


Need of Fire Safety Audit

Owners/occupiers of a factory/building/business house/hotel/multiplex etc after a thorough fire risk assessment invests considerable amount of money for active & passive fire protection, fire detection & alarm systems to save properties and human lives from ravages of fire.

It is also equally important that the owner should ensure that these arrangements will response effectively at the desired level at the time of need. But how he will ensure the compliance? Fire safety audit is the only solution of this problem. 

Local regulatory Authorities /Insurance companies may also ask to annually carry out fire safety audits of buildings/premises to monitor compliance and fire safety.
An audit is not an assessment of risk, but a compliance review of the safety provisions within the building/factory/business house.


What We do in Fire Audit

Our Fire Safety Audit shall assess for suitability and compliance the following:
•        means of escape
•        emergency lighting
•        fire fighting equipment
•        fire procedures
•        fire separation
•        fire protection
•        flammable storage facilities
•        recording strategies
•        action in case of fire, do’s & don’ts
•        training provision

Our audit procedure adopts the same process and principles contained in IS: 14489. We are able to visit your premises to carry out a in depth analysis of your current Fire Safety Plan.

Our competent fire safety consultants will audit your existing Fire Safety Management Policy, which includes checking certification, your means of escape policy, fire protection equipment, emergency lighting, fire detection, alarm and sprinkler systems, previous audit record & compliance of recommendations. This list is not exhaustive as each and every Business Premises is different.

We will complete a file of evidence, by checking flammable substances, combustible materials and waste, interior furnishings, heating and electrical appliances, other sources of heat, lighting, smoking, deliberate or suspicious ignition, occupancy profile, persons at risk and escape.

We will update where necessary your existing fie safety management procedures to ensure that you remain current and compliant with the new law and any appropriate legislation and your property & men are safe from damage by any unforeseen fire.  We will assess training need of your employees and accordingly give our recommendation. We will also examine your mock fire drill records and give our valuable recommendations.

Our auditors prepare and submit audit report based on the actual observations and in line with the requirements of relevant national & international standards/codes.

  • Prepared by Full Time Serving /retired Fire Safety Officers.
  • Covers everything you are now required to do.
  • Simple to understand and easy for you to follow.
  • Provides helpful guidance as you work through it.
  • Includes records sheets that you are required to produce by law.
  • Puts your business ahead of your competitors.
  • Enables you to become compliant with the law in a very short time.
  • Has proven questioning techniques that enables you to have a clearer understanding of fire safety.
  • The audits are used to check the current adequacy of fire safety components, services and equipment, report on the expected performance and make recommendations for compliance with fire safety legislation and the requirement of providing a safe workplace.


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