Using an appropriate type of extinguisher on a small fire can prevent it from growing to a large devastating fire. A fire can destroy a business and cause significant unemployment and even death. Protect your employees and your business by training your staff in the proper use of a fire extinguisher. To build confidence of your employees in first aid fire fighting it is essential to properly train personnel once per year in the operation of fire extinguishers. We can arrange an onsite training session that will meet all the requirements for your personnel. We deliver high-quality on-site training programs for your employees that is pertinent, interesting, and economical utilizing the latest teaching techniques and AV aids to deliver needed information  in a professional manner.


Training is necessary:

  • When employees start employment  or are transferred into the premises.
  • When changes have been made to the Fire Emergency   Plan and the preventive and protective measures.
  • Where working practices and processes or people’s responsibilities change.
  • To take account of any changed risks to the safety of employees or other relevant persons.
  • To ensure that employees know what they have to do to safeguard themselves and others on the premises.
  • Where employees are expected to assist disabled persons and If employees may take on the role of incident commander/duty manager.

Our Fire Training Courses:

  • Basic fire awareness & first aid fire fighting – Code: 3GFP/01
  • Fire safety for facilities managers– Code: 3GFP/02
  • Fire safety management– Code: 3GFP/03
  • Fire safety in houses in multiple occupation– Code: 3GFP/04
  • Disaster and emergency management system– Code: 3GFP/05
  • Fire safety and security on construction sites– Code: 3GFP/06
  • Basic fire awareness & fire exit drill for school & college students–Code: 3GFP/07

Our corporate Safety Training courses: 

  • Permit to Work System
  • Electrical Safety (Lock Out - Tag Out ) 
  • Confined Space safety
  • Behavioral Based Safety
  • Ergonomics
  • Construction safety
  • Emergency Planning, Preparedness and  Response 
  • Compressed gas safety (CNG etc.) 
  • Fall protection / Work @ height 
  • Scaffolding safety 
  • Electrical safety 
  • Personal protective equipment
  • Office safety   

Our Training Courses in association with International Health & Safety Solutions: 

  • NEBOSH , International General Certificate –Code: 3GFP(I)/08
  • Medic First Aid ( USA) - Code: 3GFP(I)/09

Designed for staff at all levels, our training is interactive and will ensure your people will react swiftly and safely in the event of real fire. Training contains PPT's, videos & practices based on simple scenarios. Different interactive methods are used including experiential learning, small groups, hands-on practice, repetition, trainee panels, periodic evaluation and case studies.

We can provide bespoke Fire Safety Training input appropriate to your needs.

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